About Coreen . . .

Coreen  Kelly is originally from Washington State and relocated to Montana in  1980.  She currently  lives on a small ranch in Hamilton, Montana and  shares her life with her husband, six horses, 3 dogs and 1 cat.

 Coreen has been a training instructor for more than 4 decades.  She  was a corporate training instructor for a Real Estate franchise, a  college leel tutor for students with learning disabilities, and a tutor  for The Literacy Volunteers of America.  

After  being diagnosed with a degerative untreatable retinal disorder she has  lived most of her adult life with less than 10 degrees peripheral vision  and is legally blind.  Coreen is a licensed human massage therapist in  Montana and has a human massage practice of twenty years in addition to  teaching horse massage through her school.  In addition, she is an  active horsewoman and studies Natural Horsemanship in the Vaquero  Tradition.